Portatest A-3

Portatest, Oiltester, HV-Tester, IEC60156, IEC 156

Portable Oiltester

The PORTATEST Oiltester is a fully automatic tester for determination of the dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating liquid. It has been designed for laboratory use as well as for field use for service and commissioning. The PORTATEST is very comfortable and easy in use. The requested testing standard may be selected via menu. The corresponding electrode type as well as the electrode spacing will be displayed for confirmation before starting the test.

After placing the test vessel with the oil sample into the test chamber, the protection lid needs to be closed. For maximum operator security the protection lid is equipped with a security interlock key switching off the HV when opened during testing. When starting the test, sample temperature as well as a customer specific sample number may be entered and will than be integrated to the test report printout. The testing sequence according to the selected testing standard is performed fully automatically.


  • Fully automatic Oiltester for laboratory and field use during service and commissioning
  • Testing voltage up to 100 KV
  • Pre-Programmed for common national and international testing standards
  • Up to ten free programmable user testing sequences
  • Short switch off time <1ms avoiding carbonisation of the sample
  • Indication of individual breakdown values, average value and standard deviation
  • Graphic-Display with backlight
  • Clear operator guiding via four soft keys F1…F4
  • Input dialog for sample temperature and sample number if require.
  • Multi-language menu, language selected via Setup menu
  • PC-data storage via Bluetooth® or serial interface RS232
  • Glass test vessel with lid and magnetic stirrer
  • Different electrodes available (mushroom, sphere or disc)
  • Electrode spacing adjustable
  • Integrated printer
  • Rugged housing with shielded test chamber

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