RQA 125/SATS-2

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Rotor Quality Analyzer

The RQA 125/SATS-2 Rotor Quality Analyzer is our most popular and advanced tester for quality control in manufacturing of squirrel cage rotors. It has been designed for use in a laboratory or industrial environment. This stand alone system is configured for automatic inductive and power measurement with manual loading and unloading of the rotor.


  • Most sophisticated testing system for squirrel cache die cast rotors.
  • Standardised by leading manufacturers of electrical motors and compressors world-wide.
  • Wide range of application up to rotor OD of 125 mm.
  • Optional tooling for testing of both – rotors with or without shaft.
  • Fully automatic testing and evaluation cycle.
  • Cycle time of approx. 6 sec. plus loading, allowing 100% testing of production series.
  • Fostering SPC – In-process Monitoring and Correction.
  • Easy set-up for different type of rotors to be tested.
  • RQA-Win Software for Windows® including statistics and zoom.

Detectable faults:

  • Broken or interrupted rotor bars.
  • Cold soldered or missing connection between bar and end ring.
  • Porosity either in the end rings or the rotor bars due to faulty injection processes, inferior aluminum alloy quality, and/or gaseous contamination.
  • Insufficient oxidation between aluminum rotor bar and steel core resulting in the phenomenon known as soldering.
  • Deviation of the rotor bar angle (skew).
  • A short circuit between two or more rotor bars (fining).
  • Eccentricity problems.
  • Material inconsistencies in the aluminum alloy.
  • Material inconsistencies in the steel core.

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