RQA-Win Software

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All our Rotor Quality Analyzer´s are supplied with our RQA-Win Software for Windows®.

  • User friendly menu-driven software for automatic Accept/Reject evaluation of rotors according to user selected parameter tolerance levels.
  • Automatic set-up of all measurement and evaluation procedures (parameter tolerances) via the selection and retrieval of the Master Parameter File (reference rotor).
  • Automatic learn feature to establish new Master Parameter Files for additional type of rotors to be tested.
  • Automatic fault classification into different error types.
  • Integrated counter for the total number of tested and failed rotors, and a complete record of the specific type and frequency of fault errors is recorded.
  • Complete statistics package to facilitate a complete and thorough analysis of both rotor quality and productions capability.
  • Interactive parameter tolerance functions via a “what if” approach in combination with the present and recommended
    Cp and Cpk values.
  • Zoom function for rejected rotors automatically records all measurement results including the inductive/resistance waveform for more thorough analysis of the fault mechanism.


Rotor tester, Rotortester, RXA, RQA, Deltatronic, RotortestRotor Quality Analyzer

The RXA 120/SATS is designed for fast, accurate and simple testing of rotors after die casting or before assembly, before additional costs are invested in the component or the end product. This comparison based tester is integrating most advanced testing technology. A high technology active measuring stator enables the measurement of rotor resistance R2, rotor reactance X2, rotor overall inductance and
property of individual rotor bars in one test cycle.


  • Most advanced proven testing method for die casting rotors.
  • Evaluation of individual bar properties and overall performance.
  • Fully automatic testing with Good/Bad evaluation according to pre-selected parameter tolerances.
  • Wide range of application up to rotor OD of 125 mm.
  • Cycle time of approx. 6 sec. per rotor enables 100% test of production lots.
  • Tandem station for change of test rotor during testing.
  • Data bank for unlimited number of master parameter files (rotor type).
  • Simple and fast set-up to different test rotors—no adjustments required
  • RQA-Win Software for Windows® including statistics and zoom.

Detectable faults:

  • Broken or interrupted rotor bars.
  • Cold soldered or missing connection between bar and end ring.
  • Porosity either in the end rings or the rotor bars due to faulty injection processes, inferior aluminum alloy quality, and/or gaseous contamination.
  • Insufficient oxidation between aluminum rotor bar and steel core resulting in the phenomenon known as soldering.
  • Deviation of the rotor bar angle (skew).
  • A short circuit between two or more rotor bars (fining).
  • Eccentricity problems.
  • Material inconsistencies in the aluminum alloy.
  • Material inconsistencies in the steel core.

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