RQA 125/SATS-2

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Rotor Quality Analyzer

The RQA 125/SATS-2 Rotor Quality Analyzer is our most popular and advanced tester for quality control in manufacturing of squirrel cage rotors. It has been designed for use in a laboratory or industrial environment. This stand alone system is configured for automatic inductive and power measurement with manual loading and unloading of the rotor.


  • Most sophisticated testing system for squirrel cache die cast rotors.
  • Standardised by leading manufacturers of electrical motors and compressors world-wide.
  • Wide range of application up to rotor OD of 125 mm.
  • Optional tooling for testing of both – rotors with or without shaft.
  • Fully automatic testing and evaluation cycle.
  • Cycle time of approx. 6 sec. plus loading, allowing 100% testing of production series.
  • Fostering SPC – In-process Monitoring and Correction.
  • Easy set-up for different type of rotors to be tested.
  • RQA-Win Software for Windows® including statistics and zoom.

Detectable faults:

  • Broken or interrupted rotor bars.
  • Cold soldered or missing connection between bar and end ring.
  • Porosity either in the end rings or the rotor bars due to faulty injection processes, inferior aluminum alloy quality, and/or gaseous contamination.
  • Insufficient oxidation between aluminum rotor bar and steel core resulting in the phenomenon known as soldering.
  • Deviation of the rotor bar angle (skew).
  • A short circuit between two or more rotor bars (fining).
  • Eccentricity problems.
  • Material inconsistencies in the aluminum alloy.
  • Material inconsistencies in the steel core.

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Deltatronic – Experts in testing rotors

DELTATRONIC Technology is a competent partner for supply of Quality Test Equipment for Electrical Motors and Power Distribution Systems. The know-how and technology has been developed during years of close cooperation with wellknown major manufacturers of Electrical Motors and large Power Utilities world wide. Today customers on all continents are relying on Test Equipment from this Austrian based company

A network of competent sales representations brings our technology as close to you as possible. The company is located in a beautiful part of Austria close to Switzerland, the Alps and Lake Constance – right in the heart of Europe.


Specialities of Deltatronic are testers for squirrel cage rotors for laboratory use or in-line quality assurance in mass production lines of electrical motors and hermetic compressors and insulation testers for liquid insulation and insulation film.